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Transatlantic oral historian Elisabeth Pozzi-Thanner captures and records the essence of lives and experiences.

With a group of filmmakers and expert colleagues and associates, and supported by historians and experts on our advisory board, we assist individuals in the USA and in Europe to tell and record their memories and life stories.

What we do

….for universities, foundations, museums, archives, local communities and historic societies:

  • Oral History interviews
  • Oral History project design and coordination
  • Project management
  • Interview  review and analysis
  • Oral History Training Workshops
  • Archival and Field Research in USA and Europe
  • Consulting for film and TV documentaries
  • Independent research projects

…for individuals, families, businesses, elder communities:

  • Life History interviews
  • Personal and Family Histories
  • Customized Living Histories for businesses and organizations
  • Archival and field research in USA and Europe
  • Coaching and workshops: How to create your own Personal History
  • Autobiography groups

We customize each project according to your wishes and budget, using video, audio, printed and multimedia formats.

Interviews are conducted in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Yiddish

For more information and to discuss your ideas, please contact

We look forward to hearing your story!

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